What is your CPM?  If you own one truck or an entire fleet of trucks this valuable piece of information is important.  This helps you understand per mile what your cost of using a truck is.  With this information you can determine delivery fees and route expense. If your CPM is $1.81 per mile, now you know if you need to deliver something 10 miles away and 10 miles back to your facility what that will cost you.  Let’s do some quick math. An example would be:  20 miles x $1.81 = $36.20 your cost.  Now with this information you can know what to charge – maybe $50.00 for the delivery, or at minimum know how much this is against what you are selling.

What does this mean when deciding on a Full Service Leasing choice versus buying, maintaining and operating your truck.  It means a lot when making your decision.  Let’s do some more quick math.  Let’s assume your truck goes 30,000 miles per year and your maintenance cost for repairs, maintenance and tires is $0.242 per mile.  30,000 annual miles x $0.242 CPM = $7,260 in maintenance cost.

In this model now that you know what your maintenance cost is and you can accurately compare buying & maintaining repairs versus Full Service Leasing.

Please see the charts below from the ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) – 2019 Update

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average marginal costs per mile 2010-2018
average marginal costs per mile by region 2018

Charts above are taken from the ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) – 2019 Update